CFP: ‘Corporeal’ (M/C Journal, 15 January 2016)

Stemming from the Body and Being Network’s June 2015 workshop on Materiality and the Body / Embodied Objects, papers are now invited for a peer-reviewed special issue of M/C Journal, to be edited by Body and Being Network co-founders Anna Lavis and Karin Eli.

From reflections on embodiment to the material and affective turns, theoretical approaches to the body are much debated across a range of conceptual and real world contexts. Drawing on and threading across these debates, this issue will focus on corporeality by engaging with the objects that we encounter in day-to-day life. Such objects interact with, make and shape what a body is and does. They illuminate its thresholds and boundaries, possibilities and limits. As such, objects ‘tell’ often-surprising tales about embodied being and offer a prism through which to unsettle familiar discourses on the body. We invite essays that engage with objects to experiment with new ways in which to conceptualize and write corporeality, its potentialities, edges and frailties.

Areas of investigation and focal questions may include, but are not limited to:

  • What is ‘a body’, and where do its boundaries, thresholds or intersections lie?
  • How do the objects we encounter in everyday life shape or create bodies? (Examples may include medical, structural, technological, sexual, artistic, or edible objects, among others.)
  • How might such ’embodied objects’ further reflections on the corporeal and its potentialities or limits?
  • Materiality and corporeality: How are bodies made material and/or immaterial?
  • How might we write or rewrite the body through focussing on a single object with which the body interacts?
  • Cyber-corporeality: how do we define corporeality in a virtual space, or through virtual objects and encounters?
  • Absences and presences: how do objects foreground the body? How do they make the body retreat into the background?

Prospective contributors should email an abstract of 100-250 words and a brief biography to the issue editors. Abstracts should include the article title and should describe your research question, approach, and argument. Biographies should be about three sentences (maximum 75 words) and should include your institutional affiliation and research interests. Articles should be 3000 words (plus bibliography). All articles will be refereed and must adhere to MLA style (6th edition).

UPDATE (10/11/2015): Abstract submission will close on 30 November 2015.

Article deadline: 15 Jan. 2016
Release date: 16 Mar. 2016
Editors: Anna Lavis and Karin Eli
Please send abstracts and any enquiries to

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